Friday, 17 October 2014

Shh, sparkly season approaches!

 I have just placed orders for beads for Christmas! I know, its still a couple of months away, but I have a couple of Christmas fairs and a party to do so I needed to get organised! Whilst I wait for my new stuff to arrive (I like to lay everything out once its all here!) I thought I had better top up on what's popular so far this season...

These beautiful faceted beads are doing so well, and I think its because they are sparkly but still small and subtle, plus there are so many colour combinations! I have created some necklaces within a colour band like this green - grey one and red - browns.

But these necklaces & bracelets are a lot more mixed, and give a great range of colours! Perfect for winter clothes that tend to be darker, or that little black dress...

Friday, 10 October 2014

The beauty of cane glass

I absolutely love cane beads, for the variety of shapes and shades whilst still creating an overall colour. This blue necklace which I made at the beginning of the week, and the obvious shade of blue within it but also streaks of white, purple, orange and green which really adds to the interest of the necklace. It also creates a beautiful pattern effect which is a bonus for anyone like me who tends to wear plain colours!
I tried to use the size as a guide, so that the necklace has weight in the middle (and the catch doesn't work its way round your neck!) and tapers off at the clasp.

This is my favourite from the batch I made this week - such a gorgeous but almost muted mix of shades. In other words, it will go with all those neutrals in the wardrobe! There are so many different shades here, it would be easy to pick one out with your clothes...

Its hard to find beads that look exactly alike for pairs of earrings, but I did manage to make two pairs to match both of these necklaces. And then I used some more random but still muted, autumn-ish beads to create the bracelet!


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Rockin' the block

Sorting through my stock last month, I set aside a few items that weren't quite right for one reason or another with the intention of reworking. Finally, I have finished! I really love the block colours effect with these beads which are by themselves quite pale. Put them all in a row and pow!! xx

13164/5 Blue glass with natural shades of wood
 I love the different types of beads here, and they all come together for a neutral but striking effect.

14058 / 14081 cool shades with natural wood coins
 Although the blocks of colour make these necklaces asymmetrical the central natural wood coins create harmony for the eyes! 

14051/80/82 A perfect mix of colour bracelets
Personally, I would wear all three at once, but individually each is a great mix of colour, perfect to brighten up a neutral wardrobe.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

I heart autumn!

12192 & 3 Faceted love

These beautiful faceted glass hearts and glass pearls are the colour of conkers! As soon as I saw them I felt autumnal and since its so lovely and warm still, your fabulous jewellery isn't hidden behind layers of scarves and long sleeves!


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