Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmas is just around the corner...

Jewellery is always such a great gift idea at Christmas; I love listening to people describing what they want or what their friends or family wear and trying to match up the jewels with the picture in their mind! 

On Saturday Mingels Marvels will be at Herstmonceux School Christmas Fair. Its the only fair that I 'do' and half the table is given over to children's necklaces and bracelets which are super popular as stocking fillers and pocket money purses!

With December only a week away, all the Christmas sparkles are now actually made which means my mind is already wandering to spring, but until then, have a lovely time choosing your gifts and a fabulous festive season xx

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

And the glitter arrives!

All of a sudden, all the new beads and pendants have arrived, ready for next month! I have been a little busy with all the sparkly beads but I couldn't wait to start making things for our school Christmas fair! I only sell children's jewellery at this time of year, and these are perfect as stocking fillers, or gifts from one little friend to another...

Going to move on to some lilac & blue necklaces next.

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