Thursday, 19 November 2015

December preparations

Are you ready? Is the advent calendar pinned to the wall in anticipation?! Christmas starts in our house with the first Christmas fair, which this year is on Saturday 28th November at Herstmonceux Primary School. From the moment I enter the hall, full of decorations and carols, my Christmas begins, and this year, I am definitely ready...

 With so many little ones seeking gifts at the school fairs for their family and friends, everything is priced for smaller purses... all the necklaces are just £5, bracelets are £2 and earrings are £1!

Fortunately the table is big, so there should be plenty of styles and shades for the perfect gift...

Earrings in gold & silver plated £1 a pair

Lots of shapes and shades £2

Many different necklace designs and styles, including some seasonal bling! £5

Friday, 6 November 2015

Chunky knits mean chunky beads

Do your jewellery choices change with the season or are you a one style kind of person? I love wearing something a little chunkier in the winter, and I definitely wear more colour, and chose necklaces made of beads rather than chain or cord. And what about earrings? Dangly earrings and scarves never work out well for me..!

So, with Autumn colours in mind and the need for beads, check out some of the items currently in Bella Fleur, Herstmonceux... 

Ceramic twists, faceted glass and stone - its all in the depth and texture!
(12489Nc £16 & 12490Bc £8)

Pale green works so well as your skin tone lightens in winter.
(12532Nd £16 & 12533Bd £8)

Gorgeous browns here; faceted glass cubes in golden amber and dark gold with some bling thrown in!
(14215Ng £16)

And for those of you who do love a bit of dangle with your scarf, how about some winter silver and Swarovski crystals?

(12169Ep & 12470Ep £6 each)

Friday, 9 October 2015

The most favourite of colours in Autumn? Shades of leaves of course... orange, red, brown... all very popular and so flattering to wear as the tans fade away! 
All of these items are part of a fabulous Autumn display at Bella Fleur, Herstmonceux and are no doubt surrounded by their rather nice matching scarves and flowers!

Zingy orange and muted greys 14157Ng £16 and 14158Bg £8

These chunky faceted glass beads are absolutely gorgeous, and offset perfectly by the natural wood.
14155Ng £16

Keeping the sunshine going with some tomato-bright beads with amber and jasper 14093Ng £16

Its all about the shape & texture 14068Ng £16

And finally, silver tubes give this necklace and stretch-on bracelet a perfect shape
14072Ng £16 & 14073Bg £8

Friday, 25 September 2015

A touch of pearl

Did you have a good summer?! Is it still sunny at your place?!

For the first time ever, I managed to sort out all the summer stock before the school holidays, which meant we basically had six weeks of work free fun. Aside from a couple of personal pieces of course!  Sadly, summer is pretty much over, although the sun is blasting through my windows today, and so I am furiously making Autumn / Winter pieces. 

So much to catalogue, so much to photograph, but as a little taster, here are some rather lush pearl items - definitely my bead of choice this autumn. xx

Monday, 27 July 2015

Clear, bright and shiny white

Having finished a recent wedding request, my mind is a-swirl with pearly whites, silver and the simple beauty of clear... with just a drop of colour!

Lovely long chain with drops (12237Ni £16)

The classic black & white (12590Ni £16)

Simple seed beads with a splash of colour and a Swarovski sparkle! (14187Ng £16) 

Double wrap bracelet with angel wing & matching earrings (14191Bg £8)

Be still, beating heart of glossy glass (12354Nh £16)

Handmade glass pendant needs no more than a black cord (13015Nh £16) 

Thursday, 16 July 2015

In the midst of summer...

I think this week counts as the midst of summer, even though (or maybe, especially because) the sun is hiding behind a rather large bank of grey cloud!

Both shops are now restocked ready for the summer period with a little piece of every design; I am always fascinated by the different styles that customers prefer - bit like your favourite flavour ice cream - enjoy your choice!

Hot pink and silver greys on black leather cord.
14087Ng above £16 and 14088Bg below £8

Turquoise and silver on black leather cord, 15055Ng £10

Beautiful dichroic pendant on white leather cord & ribbon, 15054Ng £10

Lightweight but bold colour, Tagua Nut Necklaces with silver plate chain.

12023Nk above £16 and 12111Nk below £16

A very charming mix of charms! Gorgeous glass and silver plate chain.

12289Nm above £16 and 12290Bm below £8

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

It just wouldn't be summer without...

... a little bit of cord! I have just completed a group order of necklaces with a variety of charms, and these are always a popular choice in the summer.

Having depleted my stocks, I have more black and brown cord on order plus a big mix of charms!

These two are my own, but you get the idea, and there will be lots of new ones on here (and Facebook) very soon... and at only £10 each!


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

What's new in Battle Bygones?

A bit of a change around in Battle Bygones, which means a new position in the window and some great displays in a new glass cabinet - and of course, new stock!

Its definitely summer now, albeit an English summer with some unpredictable weather moments, but either way it means the turquoise demand is on the up...

14097Ng Turquoise, amber and wood £16

As you can see, I am back to silver again too, which goes beautifully with turquoise, wood and shell...

13051Ng Turquoise, shell & pendant £16
13052Bg Turquoise & shell bracelet £8


And for anyone who prefers a more earthy, safari inspired wardrobe, how about some amber and green?

14155Ng Faceted amber glass & wood £16

12243Nj Long antique gold & greens £16

12100Bj Green mix with antique gold T bar £8

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Colouring in the city

The other day, I had the misfortune to be sitting in traffic in a city. It was hot, very slow and incredibly boring, although fortunately I was on my way home, rather than at the beginning of my journey. Eventually the traffic moved forward just enough for me to be alongside the verge... a most beautiful verge of wild flowers in every colour imaginable! 
I'm a bit of a neutrals girl when it comes to my wardrobe, but at least my jewellery can reflect the colours and flowers I was lucky enough to see on my city venture...

More of these wonderful fimo beads in every colour possible. Plus a springtime bird charm!

A wide range of glass beads in every shade; dichroic pendant, frosted glass and stardust beads.

All currently available in Bella Fleur, Herstmonceux or to order via 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Precious Metals

 My engagement & wedding rings are a mix of white gold and gold. I chose them not just because I loved them but also, Little Miss Practical reasoned, because they would go with all my jewellery - gold or silver.

Having worn gold jewellery through my late teens and twenties (yes, I have a charm bracelet and a half sovereign necklace tucked away) I suddenly switched to silver. Why? I can't really remember, but there is no denying that most costume jewellery has silver clasps and beads and is much cheaper than gorgeous gold.

Now, I make jewellery all the time and most of it is silver based, although I do occasionally use gold beads and can use gold plated fixings for any allergy sufferers. 

That was until I bought The Bag... which is pale gold. So, should my jewellery clash or match?!

Of course, the decision doesn't stop there - do you wear antique silver or shiny? Perhaps you prefer old, antique gold, or pale gold or even the yellow gold favoured in the Middle East and Asia.

Or perhaps, if you are really clever, you choose pieces that have gold and silver; that mix it up just enough to wear with everything!

Making waves

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