Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Its pink but with a summer's twist

I love the challenge of creating a necklace in one colour but with a variety of other colours thrown in - especially when its pink, my most challenging of beads!

These pink and white ceramic beads are gorgeous but I wanted to break them right up - wooden beads and a pale pink glass add plenty of summer touches without diminishing the effect of the main beads.

Strawberry pinks are definitely my favourite, probably because they are much more coral than pink to me. A touch of wood and a splash of Tibetan silver is that is needed to bring a touch of sunshine... xx

Friday, 6 February 2015

Passionate pieces!

There was a time when I really struggled to make pink and purple jewellery. Every thing I touched turned to blurgh - sweet, sickly and far too pastelly I felt! However, I have been working hard on this little problem, and just in time, for a special custom number ordered online. Whilst I finish dropping in some more Swarovski crystals, here are some perfect purple pieces to start the most passionate of months... 
Happy Valentine's day begins with loving thyself x

Something simple with lilac shell, crystal, freshwater pearl and a rather proud looking peacock! For something a little bolder (ideal with jumpers and scarves) a mix of purple glass and wood.

Sparkle, sparkle everywhere with the perfect mix of shades - faceted glass beads in pink, purple and champagne.

Making waves

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