Wednesday, 25 March 2015

It looks like sea glass, but it ain't!

A few weeks ago, I was searching for some beads to use as an alternative to sea glass for a customer who wanted a bracelet. We both agreed that whilst sea glass is beautiful, it is, of course, the result of ocean pollution and that there just had to be an alternative.

When I found this supplier I immediately went into shopping panic, trying to choose which colours to get... the solution, naturally, was some of each ;-)

As you can see, the beads look gorgeous in a total mix of colour and as a more refined range of shades, and work equally well with antique silver and bright silver.

My daughter loves the hot pink, but I have to go with the blues on this one...


As usual, each necklace is £16 with complimentary earrings and each bracelet is £8.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Multi tasking gets beautiful

Its incredibly busy here at the Mingels Marvels desk with a new project, two new designs and custom orders but I did manage to visit Battle Bygones (Battle, East Sussex) yesterday to top up their stock and have a little play with the displays. This gorgeous little shop has such a wide variety of wondrous things for sale, so its important that the jewellery is equally as different and eye catching to fit in!

This necklace is made with paper beads which are hand rolled and varnished by the members of a womens charity in Africa. Every bead has its own unique markings and colours but come together to make a really eye catching necklace. The beads are so light, it mean you can wear a slightly chunkier number (perfect with summer whites or maxi dresses) without the added weight around your neck! 

Both these necklaces really scream spring with their pastel shades. The lemon necklace is made from quartz and semi precious stones which gives it a nice weight and beautiful shades. The green necklace is actually made from pumice, which has been dyed this fantastic pastel green shade. The faceted beads add some sparkle!

I made several of these necklaces, each in a different colour range and they are so effective. Plenty of colours here to match your summer stuff and at a longer length, it hangs really well with all those white tops!

This pendant is gorgeous, and it took a while to decide which colours worked with it. I don't often wear gold, but find antique gold is very popular in the summer!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Stardust Lovers

A little while ago I was searching for some very specific fixings for a customer and eventually found them on a new (for me) website. Having added the pieces to my basket, I couldn't resist having a quick look around the site! 

These stardust beads look delicate but there are some really strong colours in the mix. I bought two sizes because I just couldn't decide (!!) and started off with the larger ones. This is the neutrals set - it has a really good mix of colours but nothing too 'in your face' and its a little bit longer than usual at 22".

Then, using the same larger size beads, I made the colourful mix! The pink and turquoise are very intense, but they balance out really well with the other shades. 
Really pleased I bought both sizes, as the smaller ones still created a beautiful necklace with lots more colour options. Again, I went for a neutral set and a crazy colourful one...

And just in case you prefer your bracelets stretchy, I made some memory wire ones using both sizes; perfect way to cover every colour outfit with one bracelet!

As usual, each necklace is £16 with complimentary earrings and each bracelet is £8.

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