Friday, 17 April 2015

Whatever takes your fancy

Its so lovely when the weather finally catches up with all the designs, and suddenly everyone wants something new! Easter was full of new beads, chocolate and kids stuff and thank heavens, lots of colour everywhere...

These dichroic pendants really deserve a post of their own because they are just so beautiful. I love the mix of colours and the shine and the shapes - just gorgeous!!

These beads have been so popular, and no surprise given the pattern and colour mix. I don't believe there is anyone who doesn't have a white top that is just begging for some funky beads like these...

T Bar clasps mean you can wear the clasp at the front or back, and why not add a charm whilst you are there?!

You cant't tell from this picture at all, but the necklace is longer!

Funky earrings!! 

The wedding season is upon us, and I squeezed in this design to compliment a new outfit for a customer. Love the painted beads which matched the dress so well and inspired every other bead on the strand.

And finally, a necklace requested just to match a pair of wedge espadrilles!! How stylish is that?!!

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