Thursday, 21 May 2015

Precious Metals

 My engagement & wedding rings are a mix of white gold and gold. I chose them not just because I loved them but also, Little Miss Practical reasoned, because they would go with all my jewellery - gold or silver.

Having worn gold jewellery through my late teens and twenties (yes, I have a charm bracelet and a half sovereign necklace tucked away) I suddenly switched to silver. Why? I can't really remember, but there is no denying that most costume jewellery has silver clasps and beads and is much cheaper than gorgeous gold.

Now, I make jewellery all the time and most of it is silver based, although I do occasionally use gold beads and can use gold plated fixings for any allergy sufferers. 

That was until I bought The Bag... which is pale gold. So, should my jewellery clash or match?!

Of course, the decision doesn't stop there - do you wear antique silver or shiny? Perhaps you prefer old, antique gold, or pale gold or even the yellow gold favoured in the Middle East and Asia.

Or perhaps, if you are really clever, you choose pieces that have gold and silver; that mix it up just enough to wear with everything!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

One of the things I love most about Battle Bygones is how much new stuff is in there every time I go over! Its a real 'poke around' shop, with so many different things to discover, you can't help but come away clutching something.
This means the jewellery and I need to keep up too, and this week its all new...

Antique gold is very popular in the summer, and I totally love the engraved connector rings. Lots more of these coming! 

Colour colour colour! With a shell thrown in ;-) 

Beautiful pendants, all are handmade glass.

Some more stardust beads, in your choice of 'laid back' or 'loud'! 
And to finish, a utterly gorgeous dichroic pendant which is a mix of bright pink and hot orange.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Flowers and fancy bits

Love seeing my jewellery in the florist's shop in Herstmonceux! Bella Fleur has some fabulous bits and pieces including scarves, bags, bits for the home and some amazing flowers, so its really rewarding to see the jewellery in there too. 
The pieces change quite regularly; I fill in the gaps as items sell and we have a big change every month or so. With so many beautiful flowers in the shop, I have to make sure every necklace is up to scratch!

Cane glass is great for shades and with so many variations in shape you end up with a very interesting as well as beautiful necklace.
These longer length necklaces are basically two lengths of silver plate silver chain with a great mix of beads - semi precious stones, glass, paper, charms - all woven in. 

Its May, its spring... and that means we need lots of bright colours! Choose between these fabulous patterned beads, frosted glass and dichroic pendants...

Finally, some stardust beads which are small, simple and stunning!

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