Friday, 9 October 2015

The most favourite of colours in Autumn? Shades of leaves of course... orange, red, brown... all very popular and so flattering to wear as the tans fade away! 
All of these items are part of a fabulous Autumn display at Bella Fleur, Herstmonceux and are no doubt surrounded by their rather nice matching scarves and flowers!

Zingy orange and muted greys 14157Ng £16 and 14158Bg £8

These chunky faceted glass beads are absolutely gorgeous, and offset perfectly by the natural wood.
14155Ng £16

Keeping the sunshine going with some tomato-bright beads with amber and jasper 14093Ng £16

Its all about the shape & texture 14068Ng £16

And finally, silver tubes give this necklace and stretch-on bracelet a perfect shape
14072Ng £16 & 14073Bg £8

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