Thursday, 19 November 2015

December preparations

Are you ready? Is the advent calendar pinned to the wall in anticipation?! Christmas starts in our house with the first Christmas fair, which this year is on Saturday 28th November at Herstmonceux Primary School. From the moment I enter the hall, full of decorations and carols, my Christmas begins, and this year, I am definitely ready...

 With so many little ones seeking gifts at the school fairs for their family and friends, everything is priced for smaller purses... all the necklaces are just £5, bracelets are £2 and earrings are £1!

Fortunately the table is big, so there should be plenty of styles and shades for the perfect gift...

Earrings in gold & silver plated £1 a pair

Lots of shapes and shades £2

Many different necklace designs and styles, including some seasonal bling! £5

Friday, 6 November 2015

Chunky knits mean chunky beads

Do your jewellery choices change with the season or are you a one style kind of person? I love wearing something a little chunkier in the winter, and I definitely wear more colour, and chose necklaces made of beads rather than chain or cord. And what about earrings? Dangly earrings and scarves never work out well for me..!

So, with Autumn colours in mind and the need for beads, check out some of the items currently in Bella Fleur, Herstmonceux... 

Ceramic twists, faceted glass and stone - its all in the depth and texture!
(12489Nc £16 & 12490Bc £8)

Pale green works so well as your skin tone lightens in winter.
(12532Nd £16 & 12533Bd £8)

Gorgeous browns here; faceted glass cubes in golden amber and dark gold with some bling thrown in!
(14215Ng £16)

And for those of you who do love a bit of dangle with your scarf, how about some winter silver and Swarovski crystals?

(12169Ep & 12470Ep £6 each)

Making waves

The Waves Range... Handmade glass beads in graduating blocks of colour, interspaced with recycled glass heishi beads. Why not pick your...