Thursday, 28 July 2016

The summer finale!

Lots of new designs ready for Battle Bygones this summer, including this lovely lot!
If you see anything you fancy, let me know before it reaches the shop...

Prices start from £10 for necklaces and £3 for bracelets...

Friday, 22 July 2016

Luscious Lampwork

I was recently on searching for the perfect beads for a custom order, and came across a fabulous business in the South of England who produce the most beautiful handmade glass lampwork beads. Every single bead I looked at was gorgeous! So, I bought the beads for my custom order and then immediately ordered some more...

Sadly, many of the beads are a little out of my usual price range, but I will be splashing out on a few of the pendants and larger beads which I will post on arrival. In the meantime, if you love your lampwork and want to discuss possibilities, just shout!


Monday, 11 July 2016

Summer fun

I adore these bracelets - the perfect way for mixing up some colours with a tassel for fun! 
The beads are so light, you hardly know you are wearing them, and you can double or even triple for maximum effect!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Feeling nutty about Tagua

I remember visiting the London Fashion Show a few years ago and seeing a table of Tagua nut jewellery and being blown away by the colours and textures! Its a fabulous bead to use, because they combine such vivid colours but with a completely natural, earthy texture and are very light, which is perfect for summer. The only downside? Patiently hand drilling all those holes...

All of the necklaces & bracelets here are currently available at Battle Bygones, in Battle and are priced at £16 necklace and £8 bracelet.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Colour Party!!

A whole new wall of stock at Bella Fleur Florists in Herstmonceux this month and the theme is most definitely colour! Liven up those perfect white summer tops with every shade of summer...

Stardust beads 15007Ng  & 15008Bg

Frosty shades 15014Ng & 15015Bg

Perfect patterns 15048Ng & 15049Bg

Caught on cord 15055Ng & 15057Ng

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Growing jewellery from one little amber ring...

Take one piece of jewellery and let your mind run free...

Green amber ring (rather chunky I might add!)

And it really needed a necklace. Not a matching necklace, but something coordinating. Maybe a dichroic pendant in shades of green and amber...

You'll need bracelets too of course. And earrings. And maybe another necklace!

And before you know it, that mix of shell, glass and amber came together to make these...

And these!

Do you have a little something in your life that needs some extras?! 
Get your set for as little as £10...

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Shopping online... choices, choices!

I used to have a jewellery website, but when you consider that every item is a 'one off' design, you can imagine how long it too me to keep updating the stock, and the photos and the descriptions... it felt like I spent more time on the website than I did making the jewellery! Fortunately for everyone everywhere, Etsy is a perfectly good alternative, and although it still requires a little effort, there's plenty of jewellery to be found...

Orange & Turquoise (14001Ng & bracelet 14002Bg)

Every shade of wood! (14066Ng)

Chunky safari (14155Ng)

Orange & Grey (14157Ng & bracelet 14158Bg)

Smile with shell (15060Ng)

All available along with much more at the Mingels Marvels shop at Etsy. 
Prices from £14 necklace & £6 bracelet

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Easter treats at Battle Bygones

Sorry, I am not referring to the chocolate variety, but jewellery is a pretty close second! Its all happening in Battle this weekend; the Abbey has reopened, the marbles competition is on Good Friday and these lovely numbers are all part of the new stock at Battle Bygones.
Happy Easter!

Friday, 4 March 2016

Lighten up - it's Spring!

Its March, and I just don't care about the threat of snow; in my book, its definitely spring! So lovely to look at lighter colours (and clothes) and I couldn't wait to get some new spring style jewels into Bella Fleur, Herstmonceux, this week...

Stardust pastels are perfect for warming up those pale skin tones 
(15001Ng £16 & 15002Bg £8)

Frosted beads in every shade of blue and purple - these beads scream summer to me!
(15012Ng £16 15013Bg £8)

Lots of springtime shades here, in pale yellow, orange, shell and blue
(16002Ng £16 16005Ng £16)

 And finally, from the faceted cube range - these beads are so popular, and this is a really lovely spring mix of colours, pale lemon, gold and grey.
(14207Ng £16)

Monday, 22 February 2016

How do you like to dangle?!

When I was finally allowed to have my ears pierced, at the tender age of 14 (!) my Mum stated that at least I was old enough to look after my ears and my precious 9 carat gold studs. Sadly, whilst I was capable of dabbing on the surgical spirit, I was not so good at keeping hold of earrings, and over the next few years I must have lost hundreds of earrings! 
Now, most of us are more fortunate with age, but its all to easy to lose an earring as it gets caught in your hair, or your scarf or as you nervously fiddle...  How lucky then, that there are a couple of alternatives available for your danglies!

These 'kidney shape' earring findings come in silver and gold (its all nickel free these days) and thanks to that nifty little hook at the bottom, they are much more likely to stay put! I have two sizes, as you can see below. The smaller size are on par with the other styles but the multi colour chips are hung on a large pair which I rather like!

If you prefer, your earrings can be hung on a 'stud fixing' as shown below. The earrings attach to a small hook below the stud, and can therefore be fitted to any earrings you wish to adapt. Simply attach your butterfly at the back and you are all secure!

Alternatively, if you are blessed with stable ears and earrings, there are the silver, gold and antique gold traditional hooks...

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