Monday, 22 February 2016

How do you like to dangle?!

When I was finally allowed to have my ears pierced, at the tender age of 14 (!) my Mum stated that at least I was old enough to look after my ears and my precious 9 carat gold studs. Sadly, whilst I was capable of dabbing on the surgical spirit, I was not so good at keeping hold of earrings, and over the next few years I must have lost hundreds of earrings! 
Now, most of us are more fortunate with age, but its all to easy to lose an earring as it gets caught in your hair, or your scarf or as you nervously fiddle...  How lucky then, that there are a couple of alternatives available for your danglies!

These 'kidney shape' earring findings come in silver and gold (its all nickel free these days) and thanks to that nifty little hook at the bottom, they are much more likely to stay put! I have two sizes, as you can see below. The smaller size are on par with the other styles but the multi colour chips are hung on a large pair which I rather like!

If you prefer, your earrings can be hung on a 'stud fixing' as shown below. The earrings attach to a small hook below the stud, and can therefore be fitted to any earrings you wish to adapt. Simply attach your butterfly at the back and you are all secure!

Alternatively, if you are blessed with stable ears and earrings, there are the silver, gold and antique gold traditional hooks...

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