Thursday, 21 April 2016

Growing jewellery from one little amber ring...

Take one piece of jewellery and let your mind run free...

Green amber ring (rather chunky I might add!)

And it really needed a necklace. Not a matching necklace, but something coordinating. Maybe a dichroic pendant in shades of green and amber...

You'll need bracelets too of course. And earrings. And maybe another necklace!

And before you know it, that mix of shell, glass and amber came together to make these...

And these!

Do you have a little something in your life that needs some extras?! 
Get your set for as little as £10...

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Shopping online... choices, choices!

I used to have a jewellery website, but when you consider that every item is a 'one off' design, you can imagine how long it too me to keep updating the stock, and the photos and the descriptions... it felt like I spent more time on the website than I did making the jewellery! Fortunately for everyone everywhere, Etsy is a perfectly good alternative, and although it still requires a little effort, there's plenty of jewellery to be found...

Orange & Turquoise (14001Ng & bracelet 14002Bg)

Every shade of wood! (14066Ng)

Chunky safari (14155Ng)

Orange & Grey (14157Ng & bracelet 14158Bg)

Smile with shell (15060Ng)

All available along with much more at the Mingels Marvels shop at Etsy. 
Prices from £14 necklace & £6 bracelet

Earrings to come

Earrings to come
Big & Dangly