Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Shopping online... choices, choices!

I used to have a jewellery website, but when you consider that every item is a 'one off' design, you can imagine how long it too me to keep updating the stock, and the photos and the descriptions... it felt like I spent more time on the website than I did making the jewellery! Fortunately for everyone everywhere, Etsy is a perfectly good alternative, and although it still requires a little effort, there's plenty of jewellery to be found...

Orange & Turquoise (14001Ng & bracelet 14002Bg)

Every shade of wood! (14066Ng)

Chunky safari (14155Ng)

Orange & Grey (14157Ng & bracelet 14158Bg)

Smile with shell (15060Ng)

All available along with much more at the Mingels Marvels shop at Etsy. 
Prices from £14 necklace & £6 bracelet

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